The Top Reasons Gold Prices Could Be Heading Higher

Analysts remain bullish on gold. UBS for example believes gold could run even further and remain high “for longer than expected” on global uncertainty, as noted by CNBC. The analyst added the firm raised its forecast for gold next year from $1,850 to $2,100.  “An environment of negative real interest rates and global uncertainties, such … Continue reading “The Top Reasons Gold Prices Could Be Heading Higher”

Why Gold Could Hit $3,000 this Year

Gold could hit $2,000, even $3,000 this year. At the moment, the metal is up to $1,941 after gaining $40 on the day. From here, we could see $2,000, says Goldman Sachs.  Meanwhile, analysts at Citi say gold, “is expected to climb to an all-time high in the next six-to-nine months, and there’s a 30% … Continue reading “Why Gold Could Hit $3,000 this Year”

Trade War: How Investors are Protecting their Capital

Investors are in panic mode over the trade war. Not only will new 10% tariffs on $800 billion worth of Chinese imports go into effect in just weeks, China just stopped buying U.S. agricultural products. Now comes word that President Trump is “not ready for a deal” with China. In fact, he just noted the … Continue reading “Trade War: How Investors are Protecting their Capital”