Three of the Greatest Momentum Oscillators

It’s always interesting listening to fundamental and technical analysts argue. Just as fundamental investors like to laugh at technical analysis, technicians laugh at the absurdity of investing just on fundamentals. It’s a never-ending, laughable fight. Fundamental analysis shows us what’s under the hood, and whether or not an asset is over- or underpriced, as compared … Continue reading “Three of the Greatest Momentum Oscillators”

How the Money Flow Index (MFI) Can Give you an Edge

When it comes to trading, one of the best ways to tell what’s happening is by paying attention to the flow of money in and out of a stock. Surely, none of us want to buy a stock if money is flowing out, right? Instead, we want to buy if we’re seeing money flow in, … Continue reading “How the Money Flow Index (MFI) Can Give you an Edge”

Why it Pays to Monitor the Money Flow Index

There are many analysts that write off technical analysis as useless. However, once you get into the swing of exactly what to look for, you can begin to see patterns that repeat themselves over and over again. And as those patterns repeat, that’s where your opportunity is to buy or sell. Aside from Bollinger Bands … Continue reading “Why it Pays to Monitor the Money Flow Index”